Houston's Finest Escape Rooms

These Houston Escape Rooms offer three fun-filled escape game challenges that provide a variety of experiences and difficulty levels. We rotate our rooms regularly so check back often to see what's new.
Cipher Escape Rooms Houston, Black Gold Escape Game
Black Gold
That old Texas wildcatter spirit – it’s still around if you know where to look. And speaking of knowing where to look, what if I told you where there is an ocean of oil and it could be all yours, if you can claim it. See, there’s this old oilman who passed on just before hitting the big one, and his rig is still there, waiting for whomever can get that oil out of the ground. If you can figure it out, it’s all yours, but there’s a catch: You only have 60 minutes...

Cipher Escape Rooms Houston, Captive Escape Game
He said he'll be back in 60 minutes. That’s when your game is over, and his “game” starts. He's even started a timer to torment you. As you watch the last hour of your life slowly tick away, your mind races as you ponder all of the horrifying things about to happen at the hands of this…person, this…monster. How are you are going to spend the time you have left? You can cry. You can pray. You can write a goodbye letter. You can scream for help. Or you can ESCAPE!
Cipher Escape Rooms Houston, Heist Escape Game
The Heist
The hardest part of being an antiquities thief is finding a discreet buyer with deep pockets. But this burglary is different - the buyer brought the job directly to you, along with a briefcase full of cash if you are successful. It all seems simple enough: Get in, get the stuff, and get out, without getting caught. There will be complications, as usual. There will be co-conspirators you’ve never worked with, security systems you’ve never circumvented, and a vault you’ve never broken into, or out of...