Not Your Typical Houston Team Building Idea


Could Escape Rooms be Houston’s Most Creative and Fun Team Building Experience?

Top view of six business partners working on a project together by brainstorming ideas using puzzle pieces, wooden pegs and cubes and taking notes. A corporate group building a puzzle together to work on team building.
Team Building

Team building positively affects team performance. Improve your company’s productivity and motivation by bringing people together in the most challenging team building experience yet! Studies have shown that almost 70% of workers are not engaged at work. Employees who are more committed have been shown to perform up to 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave their company.

Does that mean that millions of workers are essentially not interested, not engaged, and don’t really care if their company succeeds or not? We don’t know, but what we do know is that we can help! We work with teams every week just like yours. We’ll lock you in one of our three escape rooms and then you will have one hour to discover the clues, solve the puzzle, and escape together.

Our top reasons escape rooms make the best team building experience!

  • Destroy the barriers which hamper creativity. Everyone is required to come together and contribute to the group’s success. Work can sometimes create too many rules and regulations that can stifle the creativity out of people. In our rooms, teams are encouraged to be creative and collaborate to get their creative fires going again.
  • An escape room requires good old-fashioned brain power. Everyone’s glued to their glowing pixels these days, our escape rooms don’t allow phones. Exit games force everyone to rely on their mind to be successful. No Googling for answers here!
  • Our escape rooms have one clear objective, escape! Improve morale and camaraderie by building teamwork into your team from the start.

Once you’ve experienced an escape room together, the question becomes… what next? Our escape rooms are designed to motivate individuals and improve employee morale. You’ll combine talents and perform at your very best. Team members will discover that diversity is their greatest asset to succeed. Trust, cooperation, and effective communication are keys to success when racing the escape game clock.

If your company is looking for corporate team building ideas in Houston, Meet Cipher, the ultimate team building experience! Our rooms not only encourage individual development but bring team members together for one common cause, escape the room! Want to try it out? Book your corporate team building event in one of our three Houston Escape room’s now! With Cipher it’s your team and your victory!