Top Bars Within 10 Minutes from Cipher Escape Rooms


Where to grab a drink after your Houston Escape Room experience?!

Our players’ experience a range of emotions when realizing that their favorite Houston Escape Room does not actually provide drinks.  After the game, you’re either going to want to go re-strategize and plan another attempt… or have a drink to celebrate a win! Either way, you’ll see yourselves on the Cipher Instagram smiling and bearing the signs of the challenge. So why not head to one of these nearby watering holes to spend another hour with your team after your Escape Room Houston experience? Bars are listed based on ratings and proximity!

Anvil Bar & Refuge

1. Anvil Bar & Refuge

1424 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

If you enjoy a handcrafted cocktail that takes at least ten minutes to make, this is the Montrose bar for you. Escape games leave us thirsting for these! Sip on exotic infused liquors and spirits swirled, swiveled and stirred at Anvil Bar & Refuge by top class bartenders. One cocktail in and you’ll quickly realize why it was named Eater Houston’s 2016 Bar of the Year.

2. The Hay Merchant

1100 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Few, if any, bars in Montrose do craft beer quite like The Hay Merchant, which stores and serves a staggering number of national and local brews. The bartenders are some of the best in the city, so if the beer list overwhelms you, just give them an idea what you want and they’ll take care of the rest. And while many bars in town serve food, The Hay Merchant doesn’t just serve standard bar fare; it offers up quality options like blackened catfish, Korean fried chicken and sweet and spicy pig ears (they’re good, promise). An aside: The Hay Merchant also features one of the more interesting weekly specials you’ll find – TV Dinner Monday – which includes old-school TV shows on the screen and TV dinners made from scratch.

3. Poison Girl

1641 Westheimer Rd # B, Houston, TX 77006

The contrasts between Anvil and Poison Girl – two awesome bars that could not be more different – are a textbook example of Montrose’s diversity. Poison Girl doesn’t do upscale or trendy; it’s a place to visit after a long week, when it’s time to forget your troubles and tie one on with various regulars and well-wishers. Or maybe after a little Houston Escape Room Victory! The drinks are strong, the staff is charming in its own way, and the bar features a row of pinball machines that keep folks bumping well into the night. Part of Poison Girl’s charm lies in its representation of what Montrose once was and, to an extent, still is: one of the weirdest, most eclectic neighborhoods in the U.S.

4. La Grange

2517 Ralph St, Houston, TX 77006

It’s hard to imagine a Montrose bar more ideal for summer nights than La Grange (fitting, since it opened in the summer of 2015). The patio is multi-layered and expansive and features one of the most picturesque views you’ll find in all of Houston. But it’s the drinks that really bring it home. Whether you’re ordering a traditional margarita, a Carlos Danger or a Paloma – all of which are infused with tequila – it’s a good bet you’ll find something to cool you down at one of Montrose’s most breathtaking bars.

5. West Alabama Ice House

1919 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

Cold beer, quick service, a dog-friendly patio and a taco truck that never leaves the premises. All other ice houses, bow down. Whether it’s a casual date, the first stop on a night out or where you plan to spend a few hours until last call, West Alabama Ice House is a fun, friendly and unassuming neighborhood watering hole. Hell, bring your kids and let them shoot a few hoops while you have a cold one. Personally, I’m always a little worried that one of them pooches will run out into traffic, but I’ve never seen it happen. Stay awesome, noble ice house.

Camerata at Paulie’s

6. Camerata

1834 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

If you are looking for wine then this is your place! The wine list  consists of about 100 bottles, and the by-the-glass list changes daily. Food options are limited to meat and cheese plates, but it’s easy to eat at Paulie’s and continue on to Camerata. Hours are 4:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. everyday.

7. Brasil 

2604 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77005

Keeping Westheimer cool since the early ’90s, this stalwart offers an eclectic range of cafe fare, plus one of the most pleasant patios in Montrose. Burgers, tacos, and sandwiches sit alongside bistro eats, and craft beer and wine are available to round things out. Order at the counter, grab a seat, and don’t forget the cookie.

8. Rosemont

2750 Grant St, Houston, TX 77006

The rooftop patio is outfitted with Moroccan cabanas, modern furniture and a nice view of the city. It’s a good place to enjoy a classic cocktail and some andouille sausage mac and cheese. It can get a little “bro” if it’s packed on a weekend, but it’s more low-key for dinner during the week.


This last was curated with the help of Eater Houston and Thrillist