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Cipher is The Finest Houston Escape Room Experience

Can your team Escape the Room?

Cipher is a real-life Houston Escape Room. Escaping games and escape rooms are the newest craze sweeping the nation – a fun, team-building, brain-busting experience! After entering a room with your team of up to 12 people (composed of friends, family, & strangers), the door is locked behind you and 60 minutes are put on the clock! You must work together to find clues and solve puzzles that lead you to your escape. It is part scavenger hunt, part puzzle game. Don't worry if you don't make it out. Only about 20% of groups are able to meet the challenge and escape the room.

Don't just take our word for it!


Gamers & Enthusiasts

There is no pause button and no respawning in this escaping game, this is live. You will need to crack codes and solve puzzles to get out. You have 60 minutes, do you have what it takes?

Friends & Family

Take a break from the norm and enjoy a unique immersive experience with your friends and family. You'll have to combine skills to solve puzzles and find clues to get out in under 60 minutes.

Corporate Outings

Team building has never been so successful! Your group will face challenging puzzles, stay organized and work together to get out in under 60 minutes. Check out our Corporate Events page to get more info.

Parties & Events

Bachelor Party or Birthday? Your group will face fun and challenging puzzles. You'll have to combine all skills to solve the puzzles and escape the room in under 60 minutes.